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Écoles du Nord, scandinave et anglaise

XVIe-XIXe siècle
Wooded Landscape (c) RMN-Grand Palais (musée Magnin) / Stéphane Maréchalle
Wooded Landscape

Wooded Landscape

Moucheron belonged to the group of second generation, Italian-influenced Dutch landscape painters, the most renowned of whom were Both, Berchem, Pynacker and Asselyn, Moucheron’s master. Taking motifs from Italian architecture, they transposed them into an imaginary setting bathed in a warm, unreal light.

The skilful organisation of the grounds, the delicacy in the treatment of the foliage on the silver peaks, and the depth of the browns in the landscape, are a measure of the painter’s skills. The Italian influence is particularly visible in the tower built against the rocks and the soft light, which is not only that of southern Europe. Typical of Moucheron’s art, its crystal-clear appearance reflects the fusion of two cultures. The figure of the hunter moving away down the track is often found in Northern European painting and – at least until the early 17th century – invited the viewer to meditate on the journey of life. Here, it also introduces a realist note without affecting the poetry of the painting.

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